In our hearts.
In our commitment.

Our Commitments

Since the family company was founded in 1946 in Alba, Italy, Ferrero has always been dedicated to taking on solid commitments and paying the utmost attention to people and the planet. It goes from caring for the people who have made and continue to make the history of Ferrero, ensuring a diverse and rewarding workplace, and promoting active lifestyles among youths and their families, all the way to our strong commitment to sustainable farming practices, the protection of the environment and the support of local communities. This tendency is inherent to our DNA and is symbolically represented in a letter that Michele Ferrero sent to company employees in 1957, when he took the leadership

”I personally pledge to dedicate everything I do and all my intentions to our company, so that it may continue its journey in the same light that my father and my uncle gave it, assuring you that I will only feel satisfied once I am able, with concrete facts, to ensure you and your children a safe and peaceful future.”
Michele Ferrero

Our Executive Chairman Giovanni Ferrero continues to guide the Group in this same light:

”Tradition and innovation are inherent to Ferrero's DNA. If I had to find a metaphor, I'd say that tradition is like a bow. The further back we pull the string, the further forward we can fire the arrow of modernity, of vision, of innovation.”
Giovanni Ferrero

Protect the environment

We are working to drive environmental efficiency in our own operations, cutting emissions and enhancing circularity of our packaging.

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Source ingredients sustainably

With our programs, we empower farmers at the end of the supply chain, increasing transparency and preserving their environment.

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Promote responsible consumption

We care about the responsible consumption of our products. We strive to offer products of the highest quality and freshness and always endeavor to communicate responsibly.

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Empower people

We work towards ensuring a diverse, inclusive and rewarding workplace, empowering our communities and promoting active lifestyles among youths and their families.

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