Response to COVID-19

Ferrero takes care of its employees, consumers and communities and spreads a little happiness all over the world

As Ferrerians, we are all working together in managing and adapting to the constant evolution of this unprecedented global situation of COVID-19.
The health and safety of employees, consumers, and communities remain an absolute and foremost priority for Ferrero. Special precautionary and hygienic measures have been taken in our facilities all over the world.

A Coronavirus Monitoring Team has been created at Group level to ensure all preventive and control measures can be effectively monitored, formulated and implemented globally. Moreover, a special task force created for procurement of protective materials is working to ensure a constant supply of masks, goggles, gowns and disinfectants is available to maintain a hygienic working environment in Ferrero premises around the world and protect our employees.


We adhere strictly to local public authorities’ guidelines in order to guarantee the continuity of our productions, while carefully ensuring the level of health and safety required by the evolving situation.

As precautionary measure for both our employees and the local communities, we are applying remote working widely whilst guaranteeing essential services and business continuity. We are also working on a Global Wellbeing Programme designed to provide a holistic framework for supporting the wellbeing of Ferrero people moving forwards.

We would like to THANK YOU COLLEAGUES ACROSS THE GLOBE who are passionate and dedicated to keep producing and delivering our quality products to consumers and local communities.


Furthermore, at Ferrero, we are dedicated to the local communities in which we have been operating for over 70 years.

Covid-19 disrupted global supply chains and impacted communities world-wide, with smallholder farmers particularly hard hit. The stay at home measures adopted around the world to reduce transmission were not possible for many involved in sustaining global supply chains. We acted quickly to support the health and livelihoods of farmers and suppliers involved in our raw materials supply (to know more, please look at our sustainability report 2020).

Moreover, in this unprecedented and challenging situation, we have been supporting our communities by making mainly in-kind donations of medical supplies, while spreading a little happiness all over the world by donating more than 700 000 kilos of product to medical staff, children and persons in need.